Bali makes my soul dance – Introduction

Image thanks to Sharni
Image thanks to Sharni

So one day just after a holiday, I went into my fave health-store for a quick checkup and some odds and ends. As what always happens there, I ended up with a copy of their magazine in my basket. On my way home, in traffic, I started reading. (Kidding, just checking I have you engaged!) That night, I read about this and thought it sounded, well, nice. The next morning, my subconscious said ‘Nice? Nice? Hell no, this is freaking awesome, I’m so excited’. My brain said ‘why are you excited, you’ve just spent all your money on a glorious Europe trip, you’re not going anywhere for a while.’ For the next few days my soul, my core, every fibre of my very being felt such excitement, as if I was on my way the airport already. Along with resounding encouragement from friends…

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 12.20.32 PM

Names removed for privacy, but thanks people! :)
Names removed for privacy, but thanks people! 🙂



…and pure instinct, I got in touch and started finding out about booking.

Initially, what got me was the appeal of the combination of yoga, cycling, sea and travel – and a chance to see a part of the world I had not felt comfortable to travel to alone. But it turned into so much more. I think my excited intuition knew this when it told me do it.

Because… fast forward to the point between deciding to go, and arriving at the airport with bags all packed. I had started to realise that parts of my life were not serving me, or making me happy. I had come to feel like a person wandering lost on a field, not sure what I wanted to do about that – unsure of what I enjoyed doing, or if I was good at anything at all anymore. All I knew was that the field was endlessly large and I was tired of wandering around. I was also stuck in a toxic situation, and had also recently experienced some rejection from an unexpected source. So as the time got near to pack excitedly, I was in good health and high spirits, but I needed to press the reset button.

Funny how timing works. Almost as if something knew what the first 6 months of this year would be quite taxing spiritually and emotionally, so it left a little article for me to read and made sure I booked something to look forward to. Believe me, that ‘looking forward to’ was quite possibly what kept me sane for the first half of 2015!

So anyway, fast-forward to the trip, that’s what I want to talk about, and you want to read about, hey!

Well, firstly, at a glimpse from the shuttle as we whizzed from the airport to our first stop (apparently a 2-hour drive, felt more like 20 minutes) Bali is beautiful, creative, diverse, rugged, colourful, busy. It’s FRIENDLY too, as our guide showed us with his wonderful, proud introduction to what was assaulting our senses as we drove along.

I came to experience Bali’s sense-feast as aromatic (in a lovely heady incense-and-floral way), friendly, balmy, relaxed and magic. There’s a totally different vibration of energy there. I can’t describe it. It’s not like the electric hum of a city like Johannesburg, or chilled and languid like a beach resort. This is something special, it’s like coming home to a home that has a mystery, a story, yet an innocence, and a built in charger for your mind and your soul. It’s like it welcomes you and wraps you in an invisible hug of all the things that fill your senses with gladness and wonder. As our guide, Mar, who fetched us from the airport would probably say it’s ‘bloody magical’. (with Mar, every adjective was generally preceded with ‘bloody’. Even when the volcano in Java was affecting Denpasar airport, he let us know that our flight home was ‘all bloody fine now’.)

It does also seem that this post is getting ‘bloody long now’, without me even telling you much –  YET! I think I’m savouring the memories so much that I don’t quite know how to share.

Stay tuned for the next piece as I let you in on some of the fun things we did, yummy things we ate, and some amazing firsts. It’s bucket-list stuff, that’s all I am saying!


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