The secret to happiness and vitality is no secret.

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I read this saying somewhere: ‘Small hinges open big doors’ and it really resonated with me because I’ve learnt that consistent use of a set of small habits or actions can really facilitate great change.

I’d like to share some of the things I am mindful of every single day, that keep contributing to every small miracle that keeps coming my way.

Be focused – Think of all the things that make you happy. Focus on those. Focus forward too. What is it that you want? Make sure that what you are focusing on now, is the foundation for what you plan for just now, later, or in the long-term. (And don’t sweat if the long-term plan is not clear to you right now. Just focus on this moment, that’s the one you can control.)

Be humble – You made a mistake? You’re not sure of something? You’re still learning? Me too! Be honest and candid about it. Be gracious to criticism. Accept feedback with thanks. Be honest when you’re floundering. Humility will not only make you relax and stop sweating perfection, but it will soften you to others, and more people will relate to you better, and feel comfortable to gravitate to you. Hell, they may even be inspired by you!

Be your own best friend – I don’t think I need to elaborate much here, but firstly, and always, be loyal to yourself. You are the only one person who will stick with you your entire life, so be kind, be respectful, and be loving to you.

Work on yourself every day – You’ll know your triggers, you’ll recognise your reactions. Take some time to do a regular check-in with your thoughts. Clear the clutter and remove anything negative. When you have a bad moment and something pushes your buttons, acknowledge it, and then let it go. And remember it’s but a moment, and you’re a work in progress. Keep going.

Tell yourself nice things – Have you ever noticed how something can thrive and bloom when it is well-tended, loved and cared for? This love and care should start within. Have you ever said something out of frustration about yourself (‘I’m messing everything up’ / ‘I look ugly today’)? Have you felt little tears creep as you’ve said it? Those tears are not frustration, those are tears of hurt. Those words you just said have hurt you. Stop it. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are wonderful / beautiful / loved. This is not vanity, this is how you make yourself thrive and bloom.

Visualise you’re a magnet – Visual exercises are powerful tools. Take some time to visualise yourself as an actual magnet (stop laughing) with the attracting pole reaching out, and abundance flying and clinging to it. Keep that image, and that feeling close to the surface. It’s powerful, believe me.

Look after your health – Feeling good physically will go a long way to feeling good on all levels. And feeling good mentally will boost your health (it’s a happy circle). Make time for exercise and sleep, and be mindful with your food choices. This all helps to give an abundance of energy and that happy glow that will make you feel even better about yourself! Even my mom said the other day that I look different these days!

Design your life. Yeah yeah, blah blah, that’s for trust-fund kids with no cares in the world – Nope. Something I’ve learnt, is that this IS possible for anyone. It’s based on small choices (those small hinges). For me, an awareness of basing every single decision, and only choosing things which resonate with my value systems has seen the doors opening. I spent many unhappy years in a situation that was paying the bills, but was not aligned to my own values and principles. I now base all my choices differently, and while I’m not making as much money as before, I am way, way happier – and producing much better results. Remember, when designing your life, curate what surrounds you.

Embrace who YOU are – You are magnificent and special and amazing. The more you embrace that and let it shine, the more you’ll feel the glow, and the more happiness you’ll feel – and then you’ll attract more. There’s no need to dilute / hide / adjust who you are to please the people around you. Then you’re just hiding your beautiful self, and why would you want to do that?

Be thankful – For every single thing, ever damn day, say thank you. The universe responds well to gratitude and gives you more of what you have just said thank you for.

And remember, life is beautiful. Namaste.


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