Love your life…

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 11.50.26 AM….

…it’s the only one you have (well, in this shape and form, depending on what you believe), but that aside this title sounds very rah-rah, aspirational and possibly abstract right? Wrong.

Love your life, and it will love you back.

Hard to believe if you’re feeling broke / prickly in the heat / annoyed with a thousand emails / a bird just crapped on you / stuck in something you don’t enjoy / stumped with a certain situation or repetitive problem that keeps coming back…

Think of life like a person. When it comes to difficult people, one talks about rewarding the good behaviour more than punishing the bad, because whichever one you focus on more will reinforce in the person and cause them to act / react with ‘more of the same’. Relationships are a lot like that. When we go on the offensive, we are often greeted with defensive responses. When we focus on the good, we bring out more good and there’s smooth sailing (mostly).

Life is a lot like that. Mainly being a flow of energy and intentions, you will attract more of what you focus on. Reward life for the good behaviour by practicing gratitude instead of saying ‘why does this always happen to me’ of the bad (because you have then told life you notice this always happens to you, so life will make sure to keep it coming, sometimes with an extra side of fries to show off.). Life, like a person needs praise to perform.

For me, two very simple and powerful practices have literally turned me from an adversary to a smitten lover of my own life, and because of that the most amazingly wonderful things keep happening to me. (OK, I admit, some pretty big things happened to start off this process, but I think it was because life knew I was ready to love it again, so it started flirting with me).

Gratitude jar – I read about this on one of the gazillion shares on social media last year, and started collecting slips of paper every day where possible where I wrote at least one thing that happened in the day that I was glad about. Soon my jar became a small tin, and I enjoyed the process of my daily reflection. I am now into my second year of the process, but this year, I open one of those slips of paper each day to read. This really reinforces love and gratitude for my life. Some of the things I was grateful for at the time didn’t turn out to be long-term blessings, and reading them now makes me even more grateful they did not work out as so many wonderful things have happened since. It’s an amazing exercise, and I recommend doing it every single day.

That happy feeling you get inside, keep feeling it – That feeling you get right in your heart when you are happy, or excited about something… nothing is nicer right? You CAN summon that feeling at any time, without a trigger –  just take a few moments to visualise it, and practice starting to feel it. It’s such a powerful exercise. Sometimes the warm fuzzy feeling splutters and starts, other times it will stay a bit longer, but you can train yourself to feel it when you need to. Eventually it will arrive at times without a trigger just to give your soul a little sunshine when it needs it.

So, with these two little exercises, a lot can be done to start encouraging a little love for life. If your life knows you love it, it will love you back!


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