Let that beautiful light shine

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Dear Beautiful Person,

Yes, you. I’m talking to you. You are a beautiful, amazing person with many amazing gifts, and while you might not always feel you are – you certainly are.

Things may feel a bit difficult right now, perhaps frustrating, maybe scary – fast-paced, stressful and full of scarcity worries as you struggle to find equilibrium at the start of the year. You may have said goodbye to some people, some relationships may have ended, or you may have some financial worries, and it’s difficult. I know. It makes one feel raw and exposed. You may want to hide and go to that safe place where a comforting hug from your mom when you were a kid brought that feeling. Where an ice-cream after school would cheer you up, or where a book would help you escape.

Sometimes you think the world’s an unfriendly place – a place where you’re working way harder than ever before, but (seemingly) not making progress, or you’ve been met with some bad energy or some ugliness. It’s when you feel like this, that you must just trust, let go and bravely face it as ‘it is what it is’. Sometimes, just then, the universe will give you a special pat on the back, some kind of glimmer, or unexpected reward to show you that it will all be fine, and it keeps you going, keeps you trusting, and teaches you to let go and relax about it all.

Now, this is where the universe needs YOU to come back to the party. You have incredible inner-strength. You’ve been through far worse. Don’t let ‘life’ dim your freaking beautiful glow. Stop hiding. Light that flame right now. Just like winter comes like clockwork, so does the sunshine of summer return. Remember, this is just a phase, and like the seasons, this too shall change.

If it feels too hard, that’s OK – just fake it till you make it. Be the sunshine in every situation. Even if you’re dealing with a person or situation that seems very dark, greet it back with love and respect. Chances are, that’s what the other person needs right now, and it may be a lesson to them to start showing it back to other people. Light that flame right now. Remember, your beautiful light, that may feel like a flicker struggling in a breeze right now, is enough to ignite the largest spreading glow.

It all starts with you. You rock. Keep that light shining.

With love from someone who knows.




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