Bravely shifting

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Writing in my previous blog about balancing the dark times by calling on your inner light, I was in the throes of a really chaotic time, when ‘dealing with what life throws at me’ felt like I was dealing with an octopus on a caffeine-rush practising it’s bowling skills… Anyway, things have settled down (a little), but are still fairly crazy. ‘Fairly crazy’ mainly because the things I couldn’t control, I have managed to get under control – so now it’s time to focus on changing the things I can control that I am not 100% satisfied with… A few years ago, I would have been happy to just accept things and just stay in a comfort zone. Luckily I’ve learnt that comfort zones can become uncomfortable if you stay there for too long, and transition is not something to be scared of, but rather something to look for, actively. It’s the best way to honour yourself, by actively seeking the ongoing steps for transformation.

For those that related to my previous post and all the chaos and uncertainty – and those who may still be in that spot, any chaos or turmoil is a sure sign that things are shifting. Just look at the world right now. Everything seems to be mayhem, everyone seems to have gone crazy, right? That restlessness, conflict, upheaval is a sure sign that the comfort zones have gotten uncomfortable. Things are shifting, changing slowly – the energy is certainly in the air.

For someone who used to balk if an appointment time was changed suddenly, or if someone didn’t use the correct template form for something – or something unplanned came up and ‘moved my cheese’, so to speak,  I now love the transition process. I like to call it ‘continuous improvement’.  If something is not working for me, I actively try and learn from it, so I can change it. The time of turmoil can be exhausting and worrying, but the end goal (as long as your end goal is positive change or improvement) is so worth standing in the middle of that storm until it passes.

With so many internal and external shifts happening, it’s a good thing to try and embrace change and get used to it bit by bit. You don’t need to go through a life-changing event (like I did) to make you realise not to sweat the small stuff anymore – but it if ever feels overwhelming to you, always ask yourself this one question: ‘What is the worst that can happen?’ Generally you will find the answer is not as bad as you thought.

Remember, without change, the caterpillar would never have transformed into a butterfly with wings to reach greater heights. Change is good. Embrace it, look for it, and may it be positive and forward-moving for you, always.


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